One of the most popular online leather handbags suppliers Urban Hide Leather Handbags Factory provides FREE drop shipping service. Any wholesale orders placed on web-based shop will be shipped or drop shipped to customers within 24 hours.

Many online suppliers provide drop shipping service. Some suppliers require extra drop shipping fees, and others use drop shipping companies to help drop shop products to buyers’ own customers. Unlike these suppliers, Internet most popular and reliable supplier,, acts as both supplier and drop shipper for customers who buy leather handbags from its online shop.

“Most of our customers are wholesale type. They have their own customers in different countries or regions. Drop shipping directly to these end buyers will save time and money for our wholesale type customers. The drop shipping policy includes below requirements and advantages.

a. One-time order: Customers who require drop shipping only need to place one wholesale order through the online shop, which is more competitive in pricing since Urban Hide offers discounts for big quantity orders. The wholesale order should include different retail orders with detail shipping addresses.

b. Separate shipping fees: Urban Hide will not charge any extra fees for drop shipping service. But customers are required to pay the shipping fees separately for each retail orders.

c. Safer drop shipping process: Urban Hide itself acts as both the supplier and drop shipper. Any drop shipping orders will be shipped directly from the leather handbags factory by DHL express. Not any third-party drop shippers will be involved in the process. This assures the safety of the drop shipping goods.

There is no reason of not using such a drop shipping service, fast, safe and money-saving. Any wholesale customers or online resellers who are doing the leather handbags business are recommended to try it out.


About UrbanHide bags Factory:
Urban Hide Leather Handbags Factory is by no means a new supplier in the industry of real leather bags and purses wholesale. Urban Hide supplies trendy ladies leather handbags by top quality real leather and first class hardware, through its online factory showroom

Our Guarantee:

1. All our bags are made with high quality leather, we never make bags with fake leather or any other poor quality leather.

2. We won't attach any information of our company in the bag or package.

3. We won't directly contact with your customers.

4. We won't disclose your information to any third party.

5. Return accepted if product not as described, or damaged, or even you and your customer do not like it.


Whether you are an owner/manager of a accessory store, handbags website or someone who is willing to resell genuine leather products online, our dropship program is what you are looking for. The concept of dropshipping has never been easier. 

You can start with following the 3 step procedure mentioned below.

Drop a mail at and register with us in our database by mentioning which website / marketplace (ebay, amazon, etsy etc.) you would like to sell our products on.

Upload all our products on your website with all the features.

Order with us when your customers order the product from you. You just need to mention your name and dropshipper in mail and we will make sure we do not send our company details in the package. 

 Things to keep in mind:

Please mention the exact product size on your website and please make sure your customers order the products after checking the dimensions.

Feel free to use our images and features of the products but please make sure you use the separate and unique description and product names of the products. Use of the exact descriptions from our website will lead us to remove you from our dropshipping list. Also, do add the disclaimer below your products or in your terms and condition.

Disclaimer would be

  •          We ship the products via DHL/Fedex/Aramex/UPS. It usually takes 5 – 7 working days to reach to the customer. We do shipping worldwide.
  •          Please check with local import laws of your country. We are not responsible for custom duties & taxes to be paid in buyer’s location, if applicable. (Usually there are no custom charges on single product)
  •          Please note that genuine leather by its nature has some scars (the scars which are usually found on animal skin) which reconfirm that its genuine leather.
  •          Each bag has its own colour tone which can be slightly different from the images.
  •          Our brand new bags have a distinctive leather smell which some of our customer usually likes. It usually goes away with the use of 3 to 4 weeks.
  •          As per our rule we do not accept returns in our orders unless and until its a damaged product. We can consider special cases and work with you individually after you mail us.

Advice For Sellers : Use of different keywords and product names which will lead to more sales and will open you towards the untapped market. 

Products that are given as out of stock are only for wholesale orders, Make sure you do not upload them on your website.

Please make sure you provide us the correct shipping address of the customer with customer’s phone number.

Shipping cost is included in the product pricing so that you can upload them directly.

Thank you for showing interest in Urban Hide. 
If you have any queries, questions and comments, please feel free to contact us using this form. We promise to reply back promptly!  


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